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Hello project manager! Are you looking for a learning resource to improve your project management knowledge and skills? You are at the right place! Here you will find freely available quality online project management lectures.

We all know that the prevailing competitive market places high demands on us, the project managers. As a result, we have to frequently update our professional skills set. On the other side, we face a number of constraints like busy schedules, tight budgets, and learning styles etc. These constraints limit our potential to learn continuously.

There are a number of high quality and valuable free project management resources available all across the web. I have myself come across a number of them on day to day basis. However, there are a number of challenges while doing so. First of all, you have to find them. Next, you have to sort out relevant one, and determine their quality. Finally, you have to verify that they are authentic. Wouldn’t it be great to find relevant, authentic, and quality resources at one place?

Here is one list from reputable sources!

Project Management Lectures – TOC


Project Management Lectures – Videos

Project and Production Management

The course comprises of two parts: project management, and production management.  The former part is one of my favorite most! It comprises of 19 full length project management lectures videos.

These lectures will help you develop a strong foundation from technical perspective. And covers a number of important topics. The ones that I like the most are project appraisal and selection, and project scheduling (network diagrams, precedence diagraming methods,  CPM and PERT etc.).

I strongly recommend watching these lectures on project management.

Lessons’ details are available at this link: Project and Production Management

Credits: Presented by Prof. Arun Kanda for Indian Institute of Technology Delhi under auspices of NPTEL.

Project Management

This three credit hours course is made up of 45 full length project management lectures videos. This course is part of under graduate programs (business administration, management, information technology and commerce) of Virtual University.

  • Instructor: Dr. Ali Sajid
  • Language: English and Urdu
  • Lectures: 45 project management lecture videos
  • Details of these lectures on project management are available at this link: Project Management

Credits: The video course is presented by Virutal University Pakistan.

Software Project Management Lectures – Videos

Software Engineering

Prof. Shashi Kelkar’s has rightly mentioned that software engineering basically cosists of two major parts. First is about making of a software and involves things like analysis, design, coding etc. And the second is about managing the project to make a software.   

However, our interest over here is in software project management. The 11 full length project management lectures videos are more inclined towards use of material from the PMBO(R) Guide. All important project management knowledge areas have been covered – scope, time, cost, quality, configuration, and risk management. The edition used is though an older one, yet considerably relevant.

Details of these lectures on project management are available at this link: Software Engineering Project Management

Credits: The video course is presented by Center for Distance Engineering Program, IIT Bombay .

Software Project Management

Unlike Dr. Sajid Ali’s course on project management, Mr. Jalil Ahmad 45 full length vide lectures focuses specifically on software project management. This combination is usuall found in software engineering. This is also a formal three credit hours under graduate course offered by Virtual University, Pakistan.

Credits: The video course is presented by Virutal University Pakistan.

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